Name: Aspen S.

School: Townsend Middle School

Age: 8th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

What the US Constitution means to me is, Freedom, Safety, and Justice. The US
Constitution was written and signed in 1787 and is still a part of our government today.

Freedom is very important to me. As a woman living in this day and age where
we are allowed to be independent and not have to have a male figure with us in order to
do everyday things, I am very grateful. Granted the original Constitution didn’t talk about
women's rights, there have been amendments made to extend suffrage to women.
Another example of freedom is under the 3rd amendment. People can no longer show
up at your doorstep and be like “Hey I'm staying at your house now and you're required
to feed me and provide a place for me to sleep even though you know nothing about
me.” I would not be ok with that. But now, with the 3rd amendment of the Constitution,
that can’t happen anymore. The 1st amendment states that we the people have the
right to the practice of religion and we have the freedom of speech. I am now allowed to
state my opinion without being scared of the consequences, and my religious friends
and family are allowed to have the freedom to practice their religions without fear.

The safety of the people I love and care about is very important to me. Under the
2nd amendment, we have the right to keep bear arms. I think it's important to be able to
keep guns because what if something were to happen in the middle of the night. If
someone were to break into your house you would feel like you need to protect yourself
right? I’m not saying that you should shoot them, I'm just saying that if anything were to
happen you should be prepared. Say you go on a hike and have an encounter with a
bear. If the bear attacks (and you don’t have bear spray) you should have some other
weapon on you to protect yourself.

Justice is very important to me. It says in the 9th amendment, that the rights of
the people are not limited to just the rights listed in the Constitution. If you murdered
someone, you go on trial, and could potentially go to jail for your crimes. The 7th
amendment says that you have the right to be tried by a jury for civil cases. If you are
not guilty of the crime, the court system will not put you in jail. If you are found guilty,
then you go to prison. I am thankful for this because the world would be horrible if we
had criminals walking our streets.

This is what the US Constitution means to me.