Name: Faith L.

School: Sheridan High School

Age: 12th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

Out of the Twenty-seven Amendments, certain amendments help people describe themselves such as the First and Second. The First and Second Amendment are rights which people have to show who they support, what they support, and how they support. They are the most important to me because they are relatable to me and I can understand what other people think about the matters. For example, the First Amendment, which states people have the freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition and The Second amendment states that people have the right to bear arms. This to me, is the right of the people that help them express themselves and what they stand for. While not everyone thinks the same thing about these amendments, I think they hold a lot of meaning for everyone else. Each and every amendment helps a person describe themselves. While not everyone agrees that the first amendment is crucial, I think that it is important for people to describe themselves, show how they feel, and talk to others about it without repercussions.

While the First Amendment is considered “the most important part of the Bill of Rights” (PBS), not everyone agrees. In fact, “23% of the United States population disagrees” (Mick). While it is under majority, they think that it goes too far and people push limits. But keep in mind that when they are voicing their opinion on other people, the First Amendment is technically backing them up. This is mainly on the speech part though which is understandable. Topics have been brought up that are sensitive to others, or seem to be too extreme. But it is how people explain themselves, defend themselves, or express themselves in a mostly peaceful and positive way to the world. Not everyone will agree with these thoughts but I think that is important for people to understand.

As far as the Second Amendment goes, I think it makes some people feel safe and others not. And while I can understand both sides, it is still important for people to be able to do what makes them feel safe and comfortable. “While people have moved away from the words ‘gun control’, words like ‘gun safety’ are more favored among people. Stricter rules are being considered instead of a full restriction.” (Ingraham) I personally think that if we were to change it at all this would be the route I would choose or vote for. It honors both ideas and is a middle ground that I think people could eventually work with. Whether we went all the way to no gun control or full government control, a group of people would be unhappy. It is hard to please a whole country. Not everyone will ever be one-hundred percent happy with decisions that are made, even if they are for the better. I understand that there have been incidents in which stricter gun control seems very reasonable, but guns are also used for good. For example, living in an agricultural state, hunting has been a big part of life. Without it, our state would be filled with diseased animals.

As I come from a family who lives in Montana, I grew up around guns. Whether it was from hunting, to gun ranges, trap club, or to my Uncle's gun shop that he owns, I have always been used to them. I understand that not everyone grows up under the same circumstances and that others might have had different experiences with guns, but there are also many people that haven’t. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on guns. They can be used for the better but they can be used for the worse as well. But the right to bear arms is a way of feeling safe for some people.

The Constitution means something different to everyone. But to me, these are some important Amendments that I think help people in their own specific ways. To me, the Constitution helps people defend their opinions in a peaceful way. It gives them options to defend themselves, express themselves, tell their story, and live their life with a lot of freedom. The Constitution is a list of the rights we have rather than something that holds us back. The Constitution to me means freedom.