Name: Gavin G.

School: Townsend Middle School

Age: 8th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

The constitution is my sign of freedom what I mean is the right to hold a firearm could be a

As a kid going into adulthood I’m going to have the freedom of speech. I would always
do this (if it was our soldiers) I would let them stay in my house for as long as they want. I would like if nobody would look through my stuff without my consent. I don’t like this one, because it is dumb if someone is not guilty of something, then guilty later I think that they would be able to send him to jail.

I don’t know what 6-7 means. I don’t think that there able to do cruel and harsh
things to them (depending on what they did). I would like it if kids (mature kids) could have more rights.

I like it if each state have a different representative because we would not have enough
rules in most states like Montana and other states.