Name: Iszabel S.

School: St. Joseph's Middle School

Age: 7th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

I think the Constitution is very important and important to follow. I do think the
Constitution has good and bad parts.. These are some of my reasons.

I think the constitution is good if you want to know how the government works. For
example, if you want to become part of the government for your job. I also think the
Constitution is well written and has good rights. Some of the rights I believe are good are
freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and some more.

There are some “bad” parts of the constitution too. In particular, the right to bear
arms meaning, the right to get a gun. I don’t think guns are necessary. About 250,000
people have gotten killed per year in the US because of gun violence. Not only are guns a
problem it’s how they get them, but also children get the guns from their families. Then
once the children get the guns from their parents it can lead to worse problems.

Mass shootings, School shootings, homicides, suicides, and so many more. About
156 mass shootings just between 2009-2016, and at least 101 school shootings in 2021.
Gun violence is at a high right now because guns are getting normalized. I think we
should change that.

The second “bad” thing is freedom of speech. Now I love the idea of having the
right to say what ever you want but I don’t think we should be able to say slurs, racial
slanges, and talk bad about someone. I believe saying slurs that don’t apply to you is very
bad. It’s sad how some people don’t agree with me.

I believe that the constitution is very important but some people don’t or they
don’t realize that they are not following the amendments. As proof, people still do fraud
and threats. Those 2 things I listed are not protected under the constitution.

I know that the Consititution is very important and the the amendments in it are to.
I don’t understand why people wouldn’t follow the Constitution. It is a fair document. So
I do believe that the Constitution is in fact think it is an acceptable docutment.