Name: Owen C.

School: St. Joseph Middle School

Age: 7th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

Hi, my name is Owen C., I’m in seventh grade and live in Missoula, MT. The constitution
is a very important thing to me, I’ve just always wondered if the Founding Fathers imagined how the constitution would affect us 234 years later. They literally came together, found what they didn’t like about the way Great Britain ran their government, then came together and wrote one of the greatest documents of the Common Era.

To me, the constitution has really affected the state of the world today, I mean if it wasn’t for the constitution we’d probably be divided into separate nations with different cultural beliefs and regulations on slavery, voting, etc, way before the Civil War. The constitution revolutionized the idea of a democracy. Our Founding Fathers combined the two greatest forms of government at that time (Democracy and a Republic), and removed the flaws of each one, then made the governmental Holy Grail, known as the Constitutional
Democratic Republic. James Madison had the biggest “lightbulb” moment before the lightbulb! (we should say the lightbulb was a “constitution” moment).

We’ve won the Jackpot by being born in the U.S. of A. We can practice any religion, speak our thoughts without being censored, petition the government, assemble a group of people for a cause, be a member in the press, and that’s just the first amendment. It’s great to be a citizen in the U.S, but also to acknowledge the other parts of the world that are in one-world governments with no say in what happens in their nation.

That’s what the constitution means to me. Thank you for reading this, and I also thank CivicsMT for making this competition and to get the next generation to really get to know our government. I really hope I win, but either way I’ve had fun writing this. This is a truly great country, thanks again and God Bless America!