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Need help? Please read below for answers to most of the questions about the youth election.

What is or where do I get an invitation code?

An invitation code is a code that will allow you to begin registration in order to cast your vote on October 29th. You will receive an invitation code from your teacher on voting week. You can vote remotely or at school. Voting day will be held only on October 29th. You will not be able to access registration or voting until 7am October 29th. Remote students as well as campus students can logon to the website between 7am and 4pm to register and cast their votes.

When can students cast their vote for the Montana 2020 Youth Election?

Students can vote immediately after they register and enter the code provided by their teacher on October 29, 2020 beginning at 7:00am through 4:00pm. Students will be able to vote remotely if not at school using a mobile devise or computer.

What do I enter as my school name if I am homeschooled or attend a private school?

Students will select the “Homeschool”, “Private school”, “Other” options.

What do I do if my school is not listed in the drop-down menu?

Choose “Other” if you do not see your school in the drop-down menu.

If I make a mistake and want to change my vote, can I go back and change it?

You can use the small, yellow, back arrow at the bottom of each race page and go back to change your vote.

If I do not know my student access code, what do I need to do to get registered?

Ask your teacher. Your teacher will provide you with the student access code. After you receive the access code from your teacher, you will register and cast your vote on October 29, 2020 between 7:00am through 4:00pm.

When will the results be posted?

Results will be posted on our website after 4:00pm on October 29,2020. A “Results” button will be located on our homepage.