Name: Lexi D.

School: Townsend Middle School

Age: 8th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

The constitution is a very important document. So important, that it is what
holds us together as a country. One thing that is so important about the constitution is
that it brings freedom to the people. It gives us rights so we have freedom of speech,
religion, and the press. We also have power as a nation, as guaranteed by the 10th
amendment, powers are reserved to the states. The constitution also unites the
people. We went from fighting against Britain to gain freedom to being united and
gaining our country’s independence. People today may not realize the importance of
the constitution because they didn’t have to fight for it. They didn’t have to fight, just
to have the right of free speech, and religion, or to get a jury for civil cases. This is why
the constitution is important to me, and should be to all the people.

Why is freedom important? Well, freedom is why we are able to do certain
things, and why other things are just of the past. For an example, let’s use slavery.
Slavery is something that used to be very real, especially for those who were slaves.
Because of the US Constitution, slavery has been abolished, and is something we don’t
have to worry about today. Before we became a whole nation, our people had to
endure the insufferable rule of Great Britain, where they were forced to obey a king
who practically controlled their every move and made the people pay taxes. Because of
the constitution, we are controlled by a fair government and have our rights.

Another reason the constitution is important to me is because it unites all the
people. When we became the 13 colonies, we had trouble coming together as a country.
When James Madison wrote the bill of rights, and later composed the constitution
itself, our country was slowly able to come together and be united. We still don’t
completely see eye to eye, but we have a settled law, and rights that cannot be changed

Finally, the constitution makes things fair. We don’t have to worry about unfair
rulers because of the constitution. We have fair laws, for example, the 3 branches of
government. Each of the branches has equal power, which makes for equal
government, and therefore, fair law. Each branch has different responsibilities, which
balances out each branch to have fair government.

In conclusion, our constitution is wonderful. It gives us so many freedoms that
we never would have had without our constitution. Our constitution brings us all
together and united, and we no longer have to worry about slavery. We have a fair
government, and don’t have to worry about unfair laws. We the people are equal,
united, and free, thanks to our constitution.