Name: Alexander J.

School: Townsend Middle School

Age: 8th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

The US Constitution is an interesting thing. To some, it’s just an old document. Which is correct, but rather than just being an old document, it’s more. Something many seem to take for granted, and something many just overlook, as mentioned, as an old document that’s important, though it seems to not be remembered by many. We know it’s important, of course, but nine times out of ten if you were to ask a person in public to name all the amendments, well, I highly doubt they would get all of them right.

Which brings us circling back around to the amendments themselves. To me, as stated previously, the amendments are seriously taken for granted, and a lot of times taken out of context. The only places I see them used right are in certain arguments, politics, and educational purposes. This makes me question why we only see it used right in these specific areas, if they’re so important as some say? The answer varies between people, but the main underlying statement is that almost everyone seems to take them for granted . The fact this simple piece of paper protects our major everyday lives and rights as a citizen and all it gets recognition for is a reference to one of the amendments then gets forgotten about afterwards is completely the opposite of how it should be treated. Sure, we have Constitution Day, but what do we actually do on Constitution Day? Take all these other holidays for example. We practice traditions on those, but not Constitution Day? It’s crazy how everyone can say the amendments themselves are so great yet not give them hardly any recognition at all. These were what made us in America free for God’s sake, and all we do is not give them proper respect and only bring them up every blue moon? Man are we as a society the most hypocritical bunch out there.

If you can’t tell by now, the amendments matter to me a lot. A lot a lot. I happen to be a religious person and I’m not afraid to speak my mind because of the first amendment. To me, this means a lot. To not be restricted, and not have to practice one certain thing my whole life assigned by someone else is awesome in my opinion. Some countries don’t get this. Some have certain restrictions and rules against speaking your true religion. Not here though. Due to the first amendment, you can stick to any belief you have and keep that belief. Not only am I free to religion, I’m free to just overall express my own opinions. You know how good that feels? Although I may not associate with all the amendments as I’m not in the right place yet to practice those rights, I know for a fact that the ones I practice now are a literal gift from the Heavens above, and the ones I don’t practice yet are just as good.

Overall, the Constitution means freedom. It’s a light in the darkness of the world that we live in, and without it, well….our nation would be in a lot worse spot than it were now. Even if the Constitution itself is a bit dated, the points are still there, and honestly it’s just insanely overwhelming to wake up in the morning and know that I’m a free person. Whether it be my religion, race, sexuality, anything...I’m free. My friends are free. My family is free. All because of this one document that changed the shape of history forever.