Name: Joel S.

School: St. Joseph Catholic School

Age: 7th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

I believe that the constitution is the best thing for the U.S.A. The constitution helps all of
America and we would be lost without it. The constitution means a lot for America, but it means a great deal to me and all the people around me and the people I hold in my heart. To me, the constitution means safety. I think it means freedom and justice. Words cannot describe how much the constitution means to me and to everyone. The constitution is nearly perfect a document and it works, in contrast from the Articles of Confederation.

One reason why the constitution holds a special place in America and my life is because
it means safety for citizens. With the constitution we are all protected and the constitution values our lives. I am one of these people who is protected by the constitution. The constitution means privacy and this is helpful to ensure confidentiality. The constitution makes me feel safe and protected and if I am not protected, it will prove justice for the perpetrator.

As I previously mentioned, the constitution helps hold justice for America. The
constitution explains the rights of a suspect in court, what laws are legal, and much more to have a successful justice system. I know that if somebody harms or violates me, they will get the consequences that they deserve. I know that if somebody goes against the constitution, judicial laws in the constitution will get them fair punishment. The constitution is great because it holds restrictions and holds people accountable.

While the constitution holds restrictions on what is and isn’t legal, but gives us much
freedom. I can do what I want, but I also know what I cannot do. The constitution lets us be free people and live our own lives. The constitution makes sure the government does not control our lives. I know that with the constitution we all can be our own people and do as we please for the most part.

In conclusion, the constitution was essential for the creation of our government and it
means a lot to me. I showed how the constitution gives us freedom, justice, and safety. The
constitution is a very important document that we all should treasure greatly.