Name: Jorien V.

School: Sheridan High School

Age: 12th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

Most Americans see the Constitution as a set of laws that people have to follow. When
the Constitution was coming into place in America, the Anti-Federalists thought that the
Government was becoming too powerful and it was going to become the one they had just gotten rid of. The Federalists thought that the Constitution was creating a limited government. To me, the Constitution protects the rights of the people and keeps people protected from the government. Without the Constitution citizens would not have freedom, voting rights, privacy, or any other rights that people have. The most important Amendments to me are the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Eighth Amendment, the Fifteenth Amendment, and the Nine-teenth Amendment.

Without the First Amendment, people would not be able to speak freely. Individuals
could be punished for speaking for themselves or for their opinion. Individuals could be
disciplined for believing in a certain religion and there could be a religion that is “required.”
Someone could also get in trouble for large assemblies. For example, the protest rallies that we had this last year or two could have ended in everyone going to jail or being punished for their actions. The First Amendment gives the people the right to have their voices heard and be who they want to be. The people are allowed to show who they are and what they practice without having to worry about something happening to them or the family because of it.

In my personal opinion, the Fourth and Eighth Amendment are closely related and are a
very important part of how we live today. Without these people would have no privacy and could be life threatening to people. It starts with the Fourth Amendment, if cops or anyone of a higher power thought that you could possibly be doing something wrong, they could enter your home without a legitimate reason and could invade your privacy. Someone could be doing nothing wrong but still treated as a criminal because of curiosity. After that would come the Eighth Amendment. If someone did find something wrong or illegal on your property you could be punished and if we didn’t have the Eighth Amendment, the punishment could be cruel.

The last two amendments that are most important to me are the Fifteenth Amendment and
the Nineteenth Amendment. These amendments show how our country has grown. Before the Constitution was adopted, women, different races, or anyone other than white men were not allowed to vote. These amendments made it fair for every single person in our country to vote. This allows our country to be more united as citizens and not allow segregation. Even though there are still times in our country regarding segregation, without these amendments, there would be even more fighting.

I can see why some people might think that the Constitution restricts the people of our
country. The only reason is because they do not know the correct way the Constitution works or how the Government uses it. There is some debate over the Constitution and what is considered breaking the law of the amendments. For example, some people might not think that something is cruel or unusual punishment which is the Eighth Amendment.

In conclusion, without the Constitution, there would not be any sort of unification in our
country. Everyone would be fighting and Americans would not have any rights. At this moment, the government is able to be powerful but not to where it could hurt and affect the citizens of this country. The Constitution has always been a controversial thing, but it is what protects the people of the United States.