Name: Nykia M.

School: Townsend Middle School

Age: 8th

October 15th, 2021

What does the US Constitution mean to me?

We all know that the Constitution is our saving grace. One of the
reasons we have peace. Without it some innocent people would be in jail.
Soldiers would still come into your house and you would have to take care
of them. They’d be like a child but an adult. Which is much worse than a
child because they could get drunk, trash your house and you could get in
trouble for it.

Which brings me to amendment five-eight. Saying that you could not
be charged if they have no proof, innocent until proven guilty, and not go to
jail until the Jury or the judge says your guilt. Or that if you were guilty of
hitting a child they could not kill you because, number eight recites
“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor
cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Which is saying that if the crime
you commit is small then you cannot be punished very harshly. If you burn
a house down you would get years in prison but not death or electrocution
or your body parts cut off.

Amendment 2 says you are allowed to have weapons in your house,
not just the army or policeman or back then militia. Number four
summarizes the police or government is not allowed to enter your property
without a warrant or your direct consent. Your property can consist of your
car, house, stroller, papers,or anything you own.

What the Constitution means to me is freedom of speech, freedom,
fairness and peace for the people. I can say that some of the Amendments
are the reason most people are free to do what they do, or be who they
want to be. Without these Amendments we would all be miserable besides
the government. So thank you to the people who wrote the Constitution
because for me it means life.